Ticketmaster e-Gift cards

e-Gift cards can be delivered by email or text message. They can be loaded with any value between £1 and £250 and are valid for 12 months.

The minimum order value is £1,000. To order less than £1,000 please visit  www.ticketmastergiftcard.com

Recipient details Please note: All recipients will receive the same message, value and design

You can enter details for each recipient individually or you can upload a list of recipients by using a CSV file.

 OR  Upload a file of recipients

Uploading multiple recipients

To use this function you'll need to upload your information in CSV format.

Step 1. Open your spreadsheet and give each recipient a separate row. Please note: each recipient will receive the same value e-Gift card.

Step 2. Enter 'Recipient name'; 'Email address (or Phone number); and Quantity in separate columns.
There's no need to include column headers.

Step 3. When you're done, choose Save As and select file type: 'CSV(Comma delimited)'. Make Sure each field has an entry.

Step 4. 'Click 'Select a CSV' file to browse for your file, upload and then click to 'Add recipients'

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Choose amount

(up to £10,000 per order, £250 per individual card)

Choose amount
Or enter a value up to £250

Discount information

Order Value Discount
Orders under £1000 Please visit www.ticketmastergiftcard.com
£1,000 - £10,000 2.00%

For orders over £10,000, please call 0844 453 9122.

Choose an e-gift card design (email orders only)

Sender details

Enter your personal message

Requested delivery date

Your e-Gift Card order will be delivered within 5 working hours